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As I was sitting in my little library enjoying a cup of coffee, I recently noticed this book laying upon a shelf. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember when or where it came from. It’s called “A Slice of Organic Life” by Sheherazade Goldsmith (say that one two times fast.) It’s a beautifully photographic book filled with snippets and ideas on how to live a more organic life. Upon flipping through the pages, I remembered it was given to me at last year’s BlogHer conference in New York City.

In the introduction, Goldsmith states, “Working with nature rather than against it only helps to simplify and enrich our lives.” We could all use a little simplification in our busy lifestyles, don’t you think? Goldsmith believes simple, affordable and effortless changes by us all, can lessen our impact on the world and improve the quality of life. This book is a collection of ideas ranging from composting to growing herbs to raising animals to making preserves. If we could all simply change a few daily habits, collectively we could make a huge difference.

Do I suggest running out and buying a few goats or ducks? Not so much…it’s sort of against the law to raise those types of animals in our city limits. Though, the majority of the book’s suggestions ARE do-able for everyone. For instance, bake your own bread. Why? “If you bake your own organic bread, you have complete control over the ingredients you use,” writes Goldsmith. See how simple this change can be?

For about two months now, I have been baking all of our own bread using all organic ingredients. It’s wonderful. With the help of the dough setting on the bread machine, I bake two loaves per week. You may think you don’t have the time, but honestly, it’s now become second nature. Even after only a few months, we all still get excited when that hot bread comes out of the oven. The smell is heavenly and it’s a little something that we can all enjoy together. When someone made the saying, “It’s the best thing since sliced bread,” they surely meant homemade bread. We can’t hardly fathom the idea of returning to store bought bread again.

Here’s the simple, SIMPLE recipe I use. A friend recently told me that it’s the only recipe she uses because it’s the only one that ever turns out right for her. It sounds as if she can do it, you can do it. Give it a try!


Recipe: Homemade Wheat Bread


  • 1 c. water, 110-15 degrees
  • 1 TB milk
  • 2 TB vegetable oil
  • 4 TB brown sugar
  • 1 t. salt
  • 2 c. white whole wheat flour
  • 1 c. all purpose flour
  • 2 t. dry yeast


  1. In the order listed, place all ingredients in the pan of your bread machine. Run dough cycle.
  2. When finished, form dough into a “loaf” and place in a non-stick sprayed bread loaf pan. Cover with a tea towel. Place in a warm area and let rise for 30-45 minutes or until doubled.
  3. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

If you plan on baking bread regularly, I would suggest buying an electric knife. The slices end up even without squishing and crumbling the bread. Also, you’ll want to eat the loaf within a few days, as there are no preservatives to keep it fresh. No one wants a daily dose of mold.

If you were at the BlogHer conference, it’s time to dig through your swag and look for this book. For all others, check your local library or place an Amazon order.

Shouldn’t we all indulge in “A Slice of Organic Life?”

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