En Mi Cocina…

Of all things to get excited about, nice kitchen accessories thrill me. Really. They do. I’m not referring to the latest or greatest gadget…or anything that is going to take up golden counter space. Quality, practical items are what I’m talking about. Even if you are not fond of cooking, having nice cookware and utensils will make the process more enjoyable and your results outstanding.

Has your frying pan had it? Is your chicken sticking and shredding because the non-stick coating is gone? Yuck. Not only does that make your food non-appealing, it makes cooking frustrating and cleaning up even MORE undesirable. Appropriate cooking gear is essential to the appearance and taste of your food. Do a little research and find what works for you.

My latest little kitchen additions:

  • Two 100% organically grown bamboo cutting boards: $18.00 / $9.99 each at Marshalls
  • Ceramic kitchen composter: $30.00 / $14.99 at Marshalls on clearance for $10.00

Years ago at a previous home, we started our venture into composting. As far as rotting vegetable scraps and dirt goes, it’s a lot of fun trying to get it “right.” Brown matter versus green matter, there really is a science to it. Once we moved into our present home, we no longer had a garden…until last year. We were able to reorganize our planting to make the yard more practical and useful. Our small, oasis brought us more relaxation and joy than I can even describe. Once again, our beloved compost pile made it’s return, hopefully to be used to feed our plants this season. I’ve always wanted a counter composter; a place to safely put scraps until they can be dumped outside. The price always deterred me, but for ten dollars, I couldn’t pass it up this time. Colbolt blue is a bonus.

I’ve needed some quality “wooden” cutting boards for a long time. I have a few nice, large plastic ones and a handful of smaller, easy to change out boards. I’ve had my eye on a thick chopping block for a long time, but again, $50 to $200 is hard to swallow for something just used for cutting. Being taller people, having a raised cutting area would be much more comfortable when standing in the kitchen. Although these bamboo boards aren’t exactly inches thick, they are thicker than a normal board and much easier on the nice knives. We can’t ruin those, that’s for sure.

Now…what can I go chop and scrap? Off to mi cocina…

2 Responses to En Mi Cocina…
  1. Lisa
    February 24, 2011 | 8:38 AM

    I bought 2 bamboo cutting boards within the last 6 months and I’m very sad to say they’ll be going in the garbage. You have to constantly oil them and the knives make too deep of a groove into the board, making me weary of potential bacteria. I was really, really bummed they didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped. I’m interested to know if you’ll experience the same.

  2. Toni
    February 24, 2011 | 8:45 AM

    @Lisa – Oh no! Gads…I hope these don’t behave the same. They are FDA approved and the label says “naturally anti-bacterial” – I’ll be sure to report back on them. Thanks for your input!

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