A Slice of Organic Life – Cinnamon Raisin Bread

By now, you’re sure to be living “A Slice of  Organic Life” by baking your own bread. How about mixing things up a bit? Between loaves of whole wheat, try making this Cinnamon Raisin bread. It’s delish.

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I’m sure you are all super-baker-pros at making your own Homemade Bread. I can smell it now…the warm yeasty scent wafting through the kitchen as the family waits anxiously for the first slice, only to burn their tongues and fingertips. Mmmm…okay…so maybe there is really flour everywhere (and I mean EVERYwhere), kids are screaming and each person is gagging at the strange smell of last night’s pot pie drippings burning at the bottom of the oven. Regardless of the situation in which you belong, at least you are baking your OWN bread…right? Maybe?

For those of you who have baked so much bread you are now sick of it and are giving it away to friends…I have a variation for you. My family loves cinnamon raisin bread and have asked me, “If you ever have a coupon, could you buy some next time?” Uh…let me think about this…NO. Yes it’s yummy, but the loaves are expensive, small and dense. So, I took it upon myself to alter our already loved bread into something they would enjoy.

How did it turn out?


To be honest, we like it better than the original recipe.  Here’s all you have to do:

  • Make the dough just as the recipe states.
  • Plump a handful of raisins. More if you like more, less if you like less. Don’t know what “plumping” is? Put your raisins in a bowl, cover with water and put in the microwave for a minute. Drain and pat dry. Really, all you are doing is re-hydrating them a bit so they aren’t hard in soft, baked items. Good to do before adding to sweet breads or cakes as well. Oatmeal cookies? The raisins should be chewy; don’t plump. Anyway…back to the bread.
  • Take the dough out of the bread machine and roll into a “sort of” rectangle.
  • *ADDED: Brush the dough with egg white here. The egg acts as a binder and doesn’t allow the bread to “unravel” when you’re slicing.
  • Poke the raisins down in to the dough. On my first try, I just sprinkled them over the dough. They ended up falling out when the bread was sliced.
  • Sprinkle the dough with granulated sugar and a good coat of cinnamon. The more cinnamon you add, the darker the “swirl” will be in your finished product.
  • Roll the dough TIGHTLY into a loaf. More rolling equals more swirling. Again, on my first loaf, I barely rolled the dough. It had one swirl and a gaping hole in the center (because it wasn’t tight enough.)
  • Tuck the ends under and pinch all of the seams. Place seem side down in a sprayed loaf pan, cover with a tea towel and let rise (just as the recipe states.)
  • Follow the recipe for rising and baking times.

Voila! You now not only know how to make one type of homemade bread…but you’re an expert with two!

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