Battle of Batter: Three-Way Throwdown

Everyone keeps asking me what all of the talk about #BakersSmack and Throwdown is….well let me tell you. A week ago, I posted this on Facebook:

I’m in the mood for a Baker’s Throwdown…who’s in? Yes, I’m lookin’ at you Miss Tanya or Miss Toni-Lynn. *wink* (or anyone who’s game!)

From there, conversation went a little crazy and my fierce competitors responded with this:

Oh yeah Antonia Spicer Snearly, I’m ready for a throwdown!

Tanya from Shin-dig-it

And soon after Tanya chimed in, this was posted:

Okay Antonia Spicer Snearly…it’s a Throwdown! Now tell me what we are baking lol.

Toni from A Few Fries Short

If you happened to follow the #BakersSmack hashtag on twitter or followed along on Facebook, you’ll know that our streams have been filled with intimidating pictures of hanging bottles of vanilla, crossbones and warpaint, along with [crude] flying words. What? Don’t give me that look…There are NO friends in the throwdown, baby.

Prepare for the Bake-opolypse - there's no turning back

For the contest, we decided to try our hands at making Molten Lava Cakes; each finding our own unique recipe. None of us have ever made these little chocolate pockets of liquid goodness before, so it was all fair game.

The rules were…well…there really weren’t any rules. All you had to do was talk a bunch of smack, try your recipe, and be honest with the results. It was an “on your honor” type of contest…no one really wins…we’re all winners. Isn’t that what we were always taught in school? Our own personal friends and family were to be the judges – which they were ALL very happy about. Though, I would like to thank the NUMEROUS people who volunteered to taste test. Just don’t be surprised when I contact you to come and judge a local baking throwdown. *wink* Maybe sometime soon.

So how did it all turn out? Well, if my gloating spirit and cheesy grin doesn’t tell you something about my results, my next post will. To find out about my competitor’s end product, take a peek at their final posts – they should be reporting soon!

Toni at A Few Fries Short and Tanya at Shin-Dig-It

This Three-way Throwdown was TONS of fun…but I have to ask, who is my next victim? Hear those drumbeats in the distance?

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