Might As Well Face It…

…I’m addicted to cheese. Oh how *cheesy*…many apologies Robert Palmer

See all of this? Muenster, Colby, Amish Butter, String, Shaved Parmesan, Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Marinated Fresh Mozzarella and Jarlsburg Cheese Dip – I bought it all…in…one…day. *face palm*

I TOLD you. Cheese Addict. Not just me, but my husband and son (and dog and cat) as well! We eat it like candy. Plus, remember when I drove back in time to that little Amish store? Well, I got all of that Colby and Muenster (which is hormone free) for $1.99 PER POUND! How could I pass that up? My plans were to just slice it up, package in wax paper and freeze. Uh…it didn’t get that far. In all honesty, there is still some of both left, but we’ve put a really good dent into them.

Anyway, back to my cheese addiction. When I go grocery shopping, my favorite part of the whole excursion is at the end. That’s where the specialty cheese counter is located. I always approach it slowly, hoping for a sale or a clearance sticker on something I haven’t tried before. During this particular trip, a house made dip featuring Jarlsburg cheese caught my eye. I read the label, “Shredded Jarlsburg Cheese, mayonaise, red onion.” *insert mouth watering here* And it was on markdown? This dip is MINE.

Once I got it home, I couldn’t wait to dig my fork into the dip. Can you say Y-U-M? Something so simple was so full of flavor along with a fantastic texture. Why hadn’t I ever bought this before? Now my mind started working on how I could use the dip, other than just for a dip. We decided to grill burger that evening and use the dip as a melty topping. Win. How about mixing it into coleslaw, pasta or potato salad? Win. What about using the cheese dip as a stuffing for a steaming hot baked potato? Win again. Or maybe…I’ll just keep eating it with a fork.

Major Win.

(Oh…and how easy is this to make at home? Shred up some Jarlsburg and add your own organic mayo and organic red onion. Perfect!)

Honest Blogger Found Here: I am writing this post in high hopes of being picked to receive a sponsorship from Jarlsberg for the Eat, Write, Retreat Conference in Washington DC. As always, 100% my honest opinion. My disclosure policy can be found here.
4 Responses to Might As Well Face It…
  1. Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy
    March 2, 2012 | 1:24 PM

    wow, you might need a 12 step program :)

  2. Lisa
    March 2, 2012 | 1:46 PM

    I’m originally from Wisconsin, so “my name is Lisa and I am cheese addict also”

  3. Paula @ Frosted Fingers
    March 2, 2012 | 9:05 PM

    I LOVE cheese, but probably not to the extend of you :)

  4. Lisa - Hannemaniacs
    March 3, 2012 | 8:10 PM

    I am a cheese lover as well. I recently tried a new cheese, which is currently my favorite: COWDA. If you have not tried this before, I highly suggest it. It’s a little pricey, but really good.

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