Cozumel Cooking Class Part 3: Rockin’ Guacamole

(In case you missed them: Cozumel Cooking Class Part 1 & Cozumel Cooking Class Part 2)

Our thirst has been quenched and appetizers have been eaten, it was time to get to the “cooking” part of of Josephina’s class. Whenever you think of throwing a “Mexican” themed party, what is the first food item that comes to mind? No, not a margarita (that comes LATER.) Guacamole…that’s what I’M talkin’bout.

For years, guacamole and salsa have been homemade staples in this Mexican food loving family’s household. Naturally, I was curious how Josephina’s recipes would differ from ours. I’m excited to say that her guac is totally different from mine and she opted to make green salsa instead of red. I have actually never made salsa verde before so…yay!

En mi cocina, I have always made guacamole with avocado, sweet onion, tomato, cilantro and spices. That’s it. According to Josephina, guacamole should contain ten ingredients (and no tomato…whaaat?) I’ll be honest. Her recipe is delicious. At this very point, our 12 year old son decided he loved guacamole (he wouldn’t even TOUCH it before.) Now, he asks for it all of the time. Parents: 1. Kid: 0. We win. She also mentioned that typical guacamole will start to brown and spoil within 30 minutes. This recipe will last for hours. So, next time you’re at a party, you might want to pay attention to how long the guac has been sitting around before diving into it.

 Yucatan Guacamole


  • (Each ingredient amount is Per Avocado)
  • 1 Ripe, Peeled, Seeded Avocado
  • 1 TB Olive Oil (not EVOO)
  • Hand full of Cilantro
  • 1 TB White Onion, chopped
  • 1 Small Clove Fresh Garlic
  • 1 t. Fresh, Chopped Jalapeno
  • 1 TB Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1 TB Creama
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)


  1. If you don’t have a molcajete, you can use a food processor to chop and blend everything until smooth. Serve with chips.

Avocados , or Alligator Pears, are fruits grown on trees in warmer areas such as Southern California or Mexico. Providing nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins and folic acid, avocados are a great addition to any diet. They also act as a “nutrient booster” by enabling the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha and beta-carotene and lutein, in foods that are eaten with the fruit. Containing 3 grams per serving of monounsaturated fats, avocados may help to lower blood cholesterol if used in place of saturated fats. (from

So, how does one go about choosing the right avocado for guacamole? The best way to tell if a Hass avocado is ready for immediate use is to gently squeeze the fruit in the palm of your hand (avoid squeezing with your fingertips-you’ll bruise it.) Ripe, ready-to-eat fruit will be firm yet will yield to gentle pressure. Here’s a quick chart to help you visualize when a Hass or green skin avocado is ready to use. Take note that for the Haas variety, you need to look and touch whereas the green skins just have to be felt (as they don’t change color.)

Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching…bring these fabuloso foods with a side of “cha cha” and a pitcher full of “arriba” and you’ll be the hit of the party…or maybe you’ll end up as the pinata…it depends on the size of the pitcher.

Up next, we’ll be talking salsa verde and margaritas!

(to be continued…)

Honest blogger found here: Part of our vacation was sponsored by Although activities, such as this class, were not. As always, 100% my opinion. Refer to my disclosure policy with any questions.


11 Responses to Cozumel Cooking Class Part 3: Rockin’ Guacamole
  1. Lisa
    April 20, 2012 | 7:16 AM

    My hubby is going to want make this!

    • Toni
      April 20, 2012 | 8:51 AM

      Do it! Do it! … then invite me over to finish it off. 😀

  2. Stephanie Precourt
    April 20, 2012 | 8:07 AM

    Oh, this sounds delicious. I would eat some for breakfast right now. I have everything but the jalapeno and Creama!


    • Toni
      April 20, 2012 | 8:51 AM

      I have the same! lol. I could eat guac from morning til night…every day. 😀

  3. Hope
    April 20, 2012 | 8:15 AM

    Jalapeno makes Guac sooo much more yummy!! This post made me hungry. Now I’m going to have to go to make some. I have no idea what Creama is. I’ll have to google that. :)

    • Toni
      April 20, 2012 | 8:50 AM

      Crema is sort of a runny, Mexican version of sour cream. You ever notice when you get your plate at a Mexican restaurant and there is that little puddle of melted looking sour cream? That’s crema. You can usually find it where the Mexican cheeses are in the dairy section. I suppose you could use sour cream if you wanted to.

      • Andrea Fuentes
        April 26, 2012 | 8:02 PM

        If you can’t find crema in your grocery store (Publix carries it here in Florida) you could also use plain yogurt mixed with a little milk to make it thinner.

  4. Nancy
    January 29, 2013 | 3:16 PM

    I’m trying to find the rest of your Cozumel Cooking Class stories. It seems to have stopped after this posting. Am I missing something?

    • Toni
      January 29, 2013 | 3:30 PM

      Hi Nancy…no…I pretty much never finished the series. I got tied up in food festival season and it became an afterthought. LOL Although, I do have my information lined up to get going on a few more Cozumel posts! Thanks for reading!

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