It’s Your Thing, Do What You Wanna Do

How often do you get to do what you want to do? I don’t mean spending time with the kids or cleaning out the closet mess you’ve been looking at for years days, I’m talking about what you REALLY WANT to do. It seems like everyone is so caught up in “getting stuff done” or “running around like mad” that many of us have forgotten what it is that we truly enjoy spending our time on. Between keeping up with a 100 year old house, an athletic 13 year old, social media, homeschooling and trying to run a home business, I feel like I NEVER get this sort of time.

Nowhere to be.

Nothing to do.

Housework caught up.

Phone is quiet.

No mom guilt.

Sometimes, I do have a few hours like this, but I usually spend them wandering around the house trying to figure out how I’m going to spend my “free” time. Self defeating, I know. But a whole day? A WHOLE DAY? I would like to say never but I’m sure that would be an exaggeration. But then, last Sunday happened. Saturday evening I realized none of us had anything to do the next day. An instant stress was released from my shoulders and I knew at that very moment…I…was sleeping in.

And I did…to a whopping eight o’clock (for someone who normally rises at 5:30/6:00, this was like sleeping half the day away.)

Breakfast on the porch of organic fruits, sharp cheddar, organic whole wheat thins, heirloom tomatoes and hummus with organic olive oil

The neighborhood was still and quiet; sunny but comfortable. We enjoyed our coffee in the comfort of our own seclusion. At that point, I was still in awe that I had nothing that I HAD to be doing. I decided to bring a “romantic” breakfast to the back porch for us to enjoy while we watched the birds flitting around the trees, trying to capture what was left of the previous night’s dew. I typically hate when the quiet of a morning has passed on, though that day, I welcomed what was to come. You see, every Sunday as if on a timed cue, our neighbor across the alley opens his garage and plays NPR on a small tinny radio while he catches up on outdoor projects. There I comfortably stood, barefoot in a jersey skirt and bathing suit top, breathing in the warm, fresh summer breeze, engrossed in clipping our herbs while listening to a snazzy saxophone playing the blues. I thought I had forgotten how to enjoy living in the moment…apparently I hadn’t. Soul refreshing.

As the day waned on, I saw myself returning to the kitchen. Beginning with coffee, I went back for breakfast, cleaning and drying herbs, baking cherry plum cobbler, preparing appetizers, cooking dinner and washing vegetables. I have found that being involved with food is what I WANT to spend time on even when the NEED is not there. I didn’t have to spend the whole day in and out of the kitchen, but it was fun and relaxing…like my form of art or exercise…it’s my food yoga.

Pre-dinner with home made bread sticks, roasted garlic and sauteed jalapenos

Dinner consisted of grilled Moroccan lamb and spinach feta chicken sausages aside olive oil and veggie tossed pasta topped with an egg (because we are egg sluts)

Even though I hated to see that day come to an end, I was fulfilled and thankful to have that time with my small family, all doing what we each wanted to do…separate but together.

And that was okay.

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  1. husband
    August 2, 2012 | 8:55 PM

    It was one of the greatest days I have ever had! xoxo

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