We’re On The Moo-ve To St. Louis! #YoGetter

*Honest Blogger Found Here: I participated in this campaign as part of the Stonyfield Farms Yo-Getters program. I was given product and gift card in exchange for a blog post. Opinions are solely mine.

arch1SFAnd so starts the season.

Spring break. Baseball practice. Farmer’s markets. Trips to the beach…zoos…museums…

Is anyone else preparing to start the yearly move into the car? Of course you are; it’s what now-day parents do to keep our kids active and involved (and on the right track.) Aside from the worry of constantly pumping gas dollars into the tank, what is your biggest concern about being an “on the go” family? For us, it’s getting everyone fed and doing so in a healthy manner.

Sure, yeah, it’s easy to load up the car, swing by the McDrive-Thru and quickly chow down on a bunch of nutritionally empty food. Everyone else is, so why not? Well, here’s why not: 1.) It’s bad for your body, plain and simple. If you put diesel fuel in your car that doesn’t take diesel, do you expect it to run correctly? Kinda the same thing with junky fast food and your body.  Just don’t do it. Once you make the decision that fast food is not an option, you’ll be forced to make better decisions. 2.) Why do you involve your children in sports and physical activities? Is it so you can spend gazillions of dollars on equipment, photos and tournaments all for nothing? Of course not! We do it to keep our children active and healthy. Isn’t it a bit contradictory to show up for a soccer game with a fruity colored drink, a double cheeseburger and large fries? You aren’t fueling your children with those types of foods, therefore, only slowing them down when they should be excelling.

Between getting home from work and school, getting homework finished, taking care of the dog and rushing off to some sort of practice, I understand how difficult it is to have a healthy meal on the table every night. To make that happen, being prepared is key. Although, sometimes, a meal doesn’t happen at all.

Back in January, I was a guest on Chicagonista Live, where a few of us discussed how busy moms can create healthy meals and snacks for busy families. I talked about how even if we can’t provide full meals on hectic nights, how it’s still important to have a variety of healthy foods that meet nutritional needs. Cheese sticks, whole grain crackers, fresh fruit, raw vegetables, hummus, nuts and yogurts all travel well and, combined, will fulfill your dinnertime requirements.

arch2SFYK Very Berry Smoothie

Whether on the way to baseball games or traveling on a family vacation, less chaos in the car is always best. Some healthy snacks, a cooler in the trunk and a roll of paper towels is all you need when you’re ready to go. To make things even simpler, Stonyfield Farms has developed a brand new product that’s not only certified organic and healthy, but is also convenient…a yogurt product that doesn’t even need a spoon (see? less chaos.) YoKids Smoothies come in six packs of two different flavors: Strawbana and Very Berry. Each serving:

  • Made with real organic fruits and veggie puree
  • Kid-friendly size
  • Healthier alternative to more processed on-the-go snacks
  • Each bottle accounts for 1/3 of kids’ recommended daily serving of calcium

On our trip from Northern Indiana to St. Louis, Missouri, these YoKids Smoothies were a cooler staple. Anytime our son complained he was starting to get hungry, he would slam a smoothie (or two) and be fine until we got to a place to eat. They were easy to pocket and carry inside to the hotel refrigerator. The biggest relief of all is I didn’t have to worry about the type of food he was snacking on. Anytime we made a pit stop, he would yell from the back seat, “Grab me another smoothie!”

That’s a win in my book.

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  1. Becky
    April 8, 2013 | 1:27 PM

    I like that they offer a healthy alternative to fast food.

    • Toni
      April 9, 2013 | 7:12 AM

      I agree! Clean products that aren’t filled with HFCS and food dyes.

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