Five Years On “The Twitter”


Five years.


Today is my five year “Twitter-versary.” That’s a lot of wasted time. Well, maybe only four of the years have been wasted time…but that one year…that ONE year that was actually productive has given me a priceless amount of laughs, limitless friendships (no matter how deep or shallow) and a whole slew of opportunities that I, otherwise, would have never experienced.

I mean, seriously. Without spending time on social media, I probably would have:

  • Had a super clean house. Everyday.
  • Possibly been earning a six figure salary somewhere…I mean, I did graduate 6th in my class and finished college magna cum laude, for cripe’s sake.
  • Made time to read the hundreds of books I’ve always wanted to read.
  • Dedicated more time with family and “IRL” friends….nah. Scratch that.

Instead, my five years have consisted of:

  • Countless friendships with people who I truly enjoy online and offline…even those just “passing” in the twitter stream, it’s fun to share in their life events
  • Delicious meals at top restaurants, limo trips, stays in 4 star hotels, festivals, shows…all of which I would have never taken part in
  • Celebrity encounters…some which have been pleasurable and others disappointing
  • Giving my family entertainment events that would have otherwise never been considered
  • Traveling: Florida, New York, California…The Yucatan along with marveling at Chichen Itza. I’ve made so many trips to Chicago that I can *almost* get places without totally relying on the GPS
  • Most importantly…I was levitated in a Ringling Bros. Circus act. I call success.

I would think most people would agree they have a love-hate relationship with social media networks. We love that fact that friends are contactable almost every minute of the day. We hate the fact that people constantly complain…and we love to hate those who “appear” to have a happy-go-lucky life. (Are we ever happy with anything?) With blogging (in some form) for seven years and being on “The Twitter*” for five, I can honestly say that being in social media has truly enhanced my life in ways that I can’t even express in words. Thank you friends for supporting me, humoring me,  making me bitter, making me feel like a “big deal”, making me feel like a peon and, finally, making me realize who I really am.

I better go tweet this link now or it might not have really been written. Oh…and follow me! I’m @ItsToni (BTDubs, you have to say that while making jazz hands.)

*Twitter has been around for quite a while now. I find it quite funny when people tell me they aren’t on “The Twitter” yet. They speak of it like it’s some new-fangled technology.  Then again, those are the same people with no cell phones and are pulling away with a horse and buggy. *shrug*


3 Responses to Five Years On “The Twitter”
  1. Dawn
    July 30, 2013 | 10:08 PM

    Happy Twitter-Versary!!!!

  2. Tina
    December 23, 2016 | 7:33 PM

    Right on-htis helped me sort things right out.

  3. Hey Brent,Yeah, your timing is bad, but keep up the good work. I was hoping the pic would say it all. I wanted it to go viral, I don’t care about the attention it gets, could care less about traffic. What I really want is for people to identify their lame ass senators, call up their office continually and talk some since into the morons.Chad Nicely invites you to read..

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