Mango For Tomorrow

4 February 2008aca

I’m not much of a journaler, but on our vacations I always make it a point to rise early, before everyone else, sit on the balcony and write about the past day. These quiet moments of listening to the ocean waves, calmly rolling onto the rough sandy shores, are amongst my favorite times and give me peaceful memories. The steady sound of the ocean is only broken by an occasional bird call or bustling of the Lunada Suites cleaning staff, preparing to start the day. Carried by the slight breeze, an unexpected “CLANG” reminds me that I’m spending a week on “Mexico time”… that the high-rise being built nearby is in no hurry to be finished. Oddly, there hasn’t been much progress since I sat in this spot the year prior…and that is EXACTLY as it should be.

Here it is, year two and it appears that nothing has changed nor did we ever leave. With the beautiful, picturesque view along with staring at the same photo on our computer desktop background, it seems we are picking up right where we left off last year. Acapulco. La vida es buena.

After getting settled in 302, we were welcomed with ice-cold Modelos from another guest at Lunada, Mario (which we later learned from his wife that it was a mistake; he thought we were Michael, the timeshare owner.) We went out to enjoy a much-needed dinner of Cabrito’s enchiladas, shrimp tacos and queso fundito. On our stroll back to the suite, we made a stop at the Super Gigante for a few needed items until we could get to Walmart (which is considered “the mecca”) the following day. Kurt and I decided we wanted some fresh, local fruit for breakfast in the morning, be we didn’t know how to choose ripe mangos or papaya. To our fortune, two older, tan skinned, small framed men were standing next to us by the produce. They were speaking fluent Spanish and thoroughly examining the vat of mangos, turning and flipping each one throughout his conversation. I asked Kurt (who is better at Spanish than I) if he would try to ask the man which fruit would be ripe for morning.

Kurt: “Um…pardone…senior…como…?”

Man 1, in a rather effeminate tone: “Ohh…just tell me what you need to tell me.” (smiling because he knew he surprised us by speaking English)

Kurt, relieved: “What color should the mangoes be when they are ripe? We want to eat them for breakfast.”

The man goes on to tell us that if they are red, they will be more sour. You want green with even yellow in it. He then turns to the fruit, sifts through them with a knowing hand and with an ever so slight bounce, starts singing, “Mango for to-mor-row, mango for to-mor-row!” After choosing two mangos for us, we ask about the papaya.

Kurt: “I’m from Chicago, what do I know about papaya?”

Man 2, quickly chiming in: “Nothing…you know nothing.”

At this point, we were all laughing. We found that the papaya will be ripe in two days if we put it in the sun. The papaya will turn orange-yellow when ripe but should have a smooth skin. Guess what? They were right. We DID have mangos for breakfast the next day. Never underestimate what you can learn from chatting with locals.

End of day one.


I doubt that I even need to mention … whenever I see, hear, read or simply pass by anything mango, I sing my own rendition of “mango for tomorrow.”




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