Only One More Month: Italy #TTFBC

Seems like it’s been FOR-EV-ER since I won this recipe contest for a trip to Italy. Here it is, only one month away. ONE MONTH, YOU GUYS. We’re now entering  the phone plan – international driver’s license – mail hold – house/pet sitter – getting anxious – blah blah blah – stage of planning. Out of everything to be concerned about, I’m mostly nervous about driving in Italy…yes…we will be driving. Speeds, foreign signs, parking rules…I have some studying up to do. This is all the exciting part, right? RIGHT? I’m all about the adventure, but you can bet I’ll be asking AT&T about their GPS package. However, getting lost in the Tuscan countryside wouldn’t TOTALLY be a bad thing. I can hear it now…“Excuse me sir, I hate to “WINE”, but can you guide me to the highway?” or “Hello madame, “OLIVE” your little goat farm but how far to Florence? By the way, got any fresh cheese?” (It’s always about the cheese.)


Everyone keeps asking me where we are going in Italy. Well, we leave from Chicago on a seven and a half hour flight to a stop in Dublin, Ireland. Sadly, we only have about a two hour layover, which we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding an airport pub to at least enjoy a pint. I mean, how can you go to Ireland and NOT drink a beer? That would be against all the rules ever. From there we fly three hours to Rome, where we will pick up our car and drive 3 hours north to the Hamlet of Montebuoni. I would pretty much call this a long day but, who am I to complain?


Seven nights in this beautiful villa nestled between an olive grove and hills of grapevines, that’s where we’ll be. I’m not exactly sure what we’ll be doing in Tuscany, but I’ve watched enough travel documentaries to know each day will bring new and exciting driving trips to the small Tuscan countryside villages. Trying to keep a relaxed attitude, we’ve decided to just find something interesting and soak up whatever comes our way. Every vacation we’ve ever taken has been pre-planned almost to a ‘T’ (thanks OCD.) To be completely honest, I’m most excited to not have a complete agenda. Allowing wanderlust to take control couldn’t be a better decision.


From Tuscany, we’ll drive back south to Rome. Since most attractions are within walking distance, this is where we’ll turn in our car (and really, who wants to drive in Rome? Madhouse, anyone?) We’ll spend two nights at the Hotel Dei Mellini, located 2 blocks from the Tiber River and just a fifteen minute walk to both Vatican City and the Spanish Steps. Since you could spend a gazillion years in Rome and never see everything, the only other site we want to visit, for certain, is the Colosseum. We’ll deem everything else as being a bonus.

A big fat cheesy margherita pizza pasta cured meat bonus.

Ciao for now!

**I know everyone and their brother has been to Italy, but this is our first time. If you have any recommendations, advice, must see’s, places to eat…please PLEASE share! You can comment below or email me! Grazie!**

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