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photo 1 (1)*Honest Blogger Found Here: Product was provided by Echelon Foods in order to formulate an honest review. Opinions are solely mine. Disclosure Policy HERE.*

First of all, let’s clear something up. The word “Turducken” is not turd-uck-en. It’s “tur” (as in TURkey), “duck” (as in, well, duck) and “en” (as in chickEN.) A Turducken, by Echelon Foods is basically a turkey wrapped around chicken breast wrapped around duck breast with stuffing (either Italian Sausage or Chicken Apple) filling in all of the gaps. The roast has no bones but the original has the legs and wings attached.

Why would someone want such a product? A Turducken mainly satisfies turkey, chicken and duck lovers all alike. I heard about this product a few years back and have also seen it on food television shows. We wanted to try it last Thanksgiving when I prepared a “non-traditional” meal, however, it just didn’t work out. Since my mom is cooking a simple Easter meal this year, I decided to just cook up this bird and see what it’s all about.

photo 2 (1)Cooking the Turducken was simple! I baked ours in the oven but you can choose to low temperature bake, high temperature bake, use a slow roaster or BBQ on the grill. Turduckens come already seasoned with no need for foil or basting. To be honest, I prefer to season my own meat, no matter what it is…mainly because we prefer certain flavors and ingredients. Though, this would be a product for someone who would rather not go through any food prep “fuss.”

Upon pulling the meat from the oven, we noticed it looked like your normal roasted turkey on the outside. Once we sliced through, we realized this ain’t your grandmama’s turkey! The directions suggest slicing the bird entirely in half then slicing the breast area horizontally. Cutting this way ensures every slice to contain the three meats and stuffing. Of course, we didn’t follow that and dug right in. The meat is throughly flavored of the seasoning and the Italian sauage stuffing was flavored heavily with italian seasonings and fennel. Our son immediately started digging out the duck while I went straight for the turkey breast. We ate slices, salads and sandwiches for the next few days, getting our fill of the Turducken meat. In the end, I picked off what I could and turned it into a cold Turducken salad. After fifteen pounds of pure meat, we certainly had our fill. I am unsure if this is the right meat item for my small family. Although, once my husband mentioned to his boss that we were having Turducken, his boss said, “Once we started buying a Turducken, it’s all we ever eat at holidays.”

Be sure to give interesting foods a chance; you never know what will become your next favorite!



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