Send Me To Spain: Vote for “Hoosier Tapas” #TasteOurLifestyle

Remember last August when you all voted for my recipe and helped me get chosen for a trip to Italy?hoosiertapas


At the time, I was all, “It’s SOOO far away!” Now I’m all, “It’s May? Whah?” Except, now those two weeks can’t come fast enough. So again, thanks to all who supported me. That being said…can I please ask for your support again, except this time it’s for a trip to Spain, home of delicious tapas? Travel takes place this September and this time, it’s ALL INCLUSIVE for TWO people (my husband says THANKS!)

Here’s the lowdown…I had to create a tapas recipe for Olive Oils from Spain,  using 5 ingredients or less (one having to be olive oil) and the components needed to be items found in my region. I came up with these “Hoosier Tapas.” I decided on the ingredients (bacon, olive oil, goat cheese, corn & edamame) because they are all found in Indiana (aside from the olive oil, which was a requirement.) There is a pork farm a few miles from my house, corn & soy fields everywhere and a goat farm about a half hour away. These tapas are DELISH and totally screams “Indiana!”

Here’s Your Chance to Vote for “Hoosier Tapas”

TTapascirclehe contest ends on May 15th and each person can vote one time (Click over and “like” -you have to have a Facebook account.)  I have to come in the top 10 of the country and then voting will dwindle from there. That is why EACH OF YOUR VOTING counts tremendously! Can you please help? I take my food endeavors very seriously, have a great winning record and appreciate each and every one of you. Also…please have your friends vote? There are 10 countries competing and at the moment, I’m in 2nd place. I’d love to just ZOOM to the very top! 


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