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____________________________________________________________________________________Michelle was forced into an MSG-free life when she found out she was allergic. She's been eliminating it (and all of the names it hides) from her diet since 2006. This has also led her to a "safe food" list which includes virtually nothing artificial, no preservatives, and recently organic and non-gmo foods.Michelle is a homeshooling mom, wife to Phil, grandma, writer, editor, photographer, and mixed media artist. You can find her at MichellePendergrass, VisualPrayer, The Midnight Diner, and Relief Journal.

What IS Monosodium Glutamate aka: MSG?

Truly, it’s not a surprise that we’ve been lied to by the Big Food industry and our Government. To this day, they both tell us MSG is fine, even in large amounts. That is simply not true. I’ll try not to get all technical on you, but it’s important you know what monosodium glutamate really…